wicker ottoman

Wicker ottomans are great for adding a natural, warm feeling to your indoor and outdoor decor. Wicker is the generic name for a hard woven fiber that has been tightly compacted. It is usually sourced from plants and they are used to make baskets and furniture. There are plastic materials that are made to appear like fiber, and they are colored too look natural.

Plants into wicker ottoman

The organic, made from plant-wicker comes from the cores of rattan or bamboo stalks. There there’s the kind that are made from thickly-fibred plants such as in the case of willow switches. Thick grass like river reeds also make good source material for wicker. Wicker can be woven into various materials, such as chairs, sofas, hammocks, and other outdoor furniture such as for the porch and the patio. Though wickier is light, it is also made for heavy-duty use. Furniture made from wicker are designed to last long, they are durable, and when the colors painted fade, they can be repainted or refinished.

The history of wicker

According to history books, wicker furniture has been documented to exist in the early days of Egyptian civilization. Archeological digs in Pompeii wielded various kinds of baskets and containers made of wicker. Art historians in the meantime said that people living in the Iron Age used wicker to create various kinds of objects and furniture from wicker. Celtic art is also said by some historians to have been influenced by wicker and its many uses. Even in relgious history wicker is mentioned, such as in the story about Moses and how as a baby he floated in the river inside a basket made of reeds and made his way to the pharaoh’s sister.

Wicker ottomans

When using wicker as material for ottomans, make sure that the wicker is tightly woven. Ottomans should be easy to carry and move around because they’re light furniture. Wicker ottomans are even lighter than most because wcker itself is light material. It can be dyed, painted or finished in various shades and tints; and as ottoman covers wicker if woven in a thick pattern and in several layers the covers also make for strong seats. Ottomans made from wicker are advisable for the rooms where children usually stay or play. They are sturdy but light, and they do not have edges that are sharp or can cut. Wicker ottomans can be easily moved by children and no harm done.