• storage ottoman

    A storage ottoman can serve as both seating furniture and storage space. Although not all storage ottomans can accommodate people to sit on them such as some variety of wicker storage ottomans. Some storage ottomans have drawers that open from the side while the top stays put. Storage ottomans come in a variety of shapes, height and even length. Some storage ottomans have drawers and others with a tray top. Storage ottomans also come in a variety of designs, patterns and colors that can blend in with the design of the space. Kid’s storage ottomans are available and specifically designed to appeal to children.

    Types of Storage Ottomans

    Even storage ottomans come in varieties and that’s good because there are always more to choose from and more places you can put them in. One of the most famous storage ottomans, the leather storage ottoman, is a stylish in black or brown leather upholstery and seems to be the main choice for classy and elegant room designs.
    Tray top storage ottoman has a multi-purpose lid that serves as a lid and seating and a tray when turned upside down. Other types to choose from are storage ottoman coffee table, cocktail ottoman, microfiber storage ottoman, and storage bench and wicker storage ottoman to name a few.

    Storage ottoman with a tray can serve as a small table while it protects the upholstery from damage. The leather ottoman and coffee table ottomans benefit well from the tray lid and are usually upholstered in dark brown or brown leather. Besides brown and black or leather, there are other colors and patterns to choose from, even faux leather, suede, fabric and microfiber. Black storage ottomans are ideal for office spaces because of its contemporary appeal. The storage ottoman is a piece of furniture you can place in any room you like such as the living room or office space.

    How and Where to Purchase a Storage Ottoman

    Ask you self these questions: What are you going to store in the ottoman storage? Will an adult or child use it? Will it blend in with the space? If you are unsure with the design aspect and how to choose the right storage ottoman for a specific room, you can drop by Walmart and Target’s furniture section or any furniture shop and ask for assistance. Sometimes, they have a furniture showcase to help you choose from which designs suit a space best. Whatever choice for a storage ottoman you choose, it guarantees to save you space in the room by providing additional storage.

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