• sleeper ottoman

    The sleeper ottoman is ideal for a studio type apartment or small room and for accommodating guests for sleepovers. Sleeper ottomans are bigger versions of storage ottomans that store a pop out foldable bed with a wooden base and metal stands. It can be a permanent bed or you can choose to take it out whenever you need it. If you’re not going to use as a bed, you can always use it for seating. This is also ideal piece of furniture for people who move around a lot. It may be heavy, but it takes a lot less space compared to an actual bed when you bring it with you.

    The leather sleeper ottoman or sleeper chair is one of the most innovative evolutions of the ottoman furniture as it mimics a daybed, in full elegant and modern ottoman style. It’s the ideal ottoman bed for guests because it’s more comfortable to let them sleep on it instead of the couch. The Jennifer Convertibles are one of the first chair beds that hit the market and currently, the sleeper ottomans are starting to gain recognition in the world market. However, this is definitely not an outdoor ottoman. The sleeper ottoman is meant to stay indoors but can be placed in the living room or bedroom.

    Sleeper Ottoman Designs

    At the moment, there is a choice between full size sleeper ottoman and the twin sleeper ottoman. Both are upholstered and tufted with either black or brown leather or faux leather. The sleeper ottoman design is also upholstered with suede and microfiber. You can choose to put over a customized slipcover with fabric that you can also use for the pop out bed. The pop out bed that’s made with a wooden foldable base and metal footings are easily tucked inside allowing the sleeper ottoman to be used as a footstool, table or bench. The top lid, once converted into a bed will act as a headboard.

    How to Buy the Right Sleeper Ottoman for You

    If you want a bigger seating or sleeping space, you can go with the full size sleeper ottoman. The sleeper ottoman may not come with a mattress or futon so you should still ask the retailer for extra futons or mattresses. Walmart, Target and ottoman furniture shops offer sleeper ottomans and you can ask them to deliver it directly to your doorstep. So if you’re looking into getting a bigger ottoman, take into consideration the sleeper ottoman as a seating space because if you’re going to choose an ottoman of that size, you can also make use of a comfortable, easy to store pop out bed either for yourself or a guest.

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