• ottoman trays

    Ottoman trays are taking the place of tables more and more, especially since living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. Condominium-living has becoming an option for more and more people, but the living areas in condos are often so small that there is hardly an space for sofas and dinner tables. Ottomans are now replacing or doubling for tables, but to allow the ottoman to fully function as a good and sturdy table, ottoman trays are needed.

    Ottoman trays as tables

    In some houses, ottomans double as coffee tables. Owners use ottoman trays, or trays tht have been specifically designed and manufactured to sit well on top of the ottoman without slipping or falling. These trays can be put on top of ottomans in the living room as coffee tables; or in the bedroom as bedside tables or extra chairs. These trays are usually made from sturdy wood that’s shaped to sit firmly on top of ottomans, and some are large enough that a full tea service can fit on them easily. When not in use as tabletops for ottomans, they can also double as cocktail trays or condiment trays.

    Made-to-order ottoman trays

    Style-conscious home owners make sure that even their ottomans match the color of the carpets or the walls. In the same do these home-owners exert effort to find ottoman trays that complement the ottomans, or at the least they don’t detract from the over-all style of the rest of the room. Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes, as well as heights. Materials for the body and the cover also vary, and its not always that a commercially-produced tray will fit. In this case, it is better to have the trays made custom-made.

    Custom-made ottoman trays

    Artisans are behind custom-made ottoman trays. The ottoman trays they make are of high quality, made of quality wood materials and the sizes are determined when the owner places the order. These trays come in a wide range of styles and designs. It is also said that custom-made trays are of more durable and robust compared to commercial, mass-produced trays. They are made from solid wood, and have furniture-grade veneers and finishes. It is also easier for home owners to think of designs that will complement the rest of the room, its overall look and atmosphere. Finally, because these ottoman trays are hand-crafted, they also come in sizes that will exactly and precisely fit the ottomans on which they will be placed on.

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