• ottoman storage

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for an ottoman storage solution. It is one of the easiest furniture pieces to store because you can just tuck it under the table or other furniture fixture. But before you do that, you might want to do a couple of things that will ensure your ottoman is protected. Each type of ottoman has its own way of being stored and following a couple ottoman storage instructions can make the furniture last longer.

    Cleaning Your Ottoman

    It’s important to clean your ottoman on a regular basis. Humidity can create mold on a perfectly upholstered ottoman. Dirt can sit and gather in crevices especially on tufted leather upholstery. Before you tuck away your ottoman, make sure you clean the outside with a clean dry cloth. Never use soap to clean suede, leather or even faux leather. There are special cleaning agents for those materials. If the ottoman upholstery is fabric or made from micro, clean it as you would an upholstered couch or sofa. If you store the ottoman while the padding or even the upholstery is a bit damp, it can catch dust particles and it will stick and ruin it. Additionally, the sealed moisture will create an unpleasant smell.

    Silicone gel bags are great moisture absorbers and it prevents the inside from trapping in any moisture that may later lead to mold build up on both the inside and outside of the ottoman. Silicone gels can also prevent the inside from smelling bad.

    If your ottoman is the storage type such as IKEA storage, ottoman storage cube, ottoman storage bench, hassock storage, footstool storage or ottoman storage leather, check the inside and make sure that there are no liquids. Remove items that are too big or too heavy because it can deform the structure of the ottoman. Put the cover or drawer neatly and tightly back on so that insects or rodents won’t breed inside the ottoman.

    Proper Ottoman Storage

    To ensure that the upholstery will be well kept and prevent any damage while you tuck it away, you can wrap it in a couple layers of plastic wrap. This way, it seals the ottoman and for ottoman storage types, it keeps the lids and drawers shut tight. Don’t wrap it too tightly because it will form creases inside and leave permanent marks. Don’t use tape or stapler, they can leave marks or rip the upholstery. You can also put it back in the box if you still have it.

    With ottoman coffee table storage, wrap the glass in bubble wrap and stand it in a corner sandwiched between the wall and heavier items to keep it from falling. Ottoman types such as footstool or stool, bench, chair, recliner and sofa can be stored the same way as storage ottomans.

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