• glider and ottoman

    A glider or platform rocker and ottoman combinations are great for seating back and “rocking out” with your feet up. This is kind of rocking chair also functions as a a swing seat. Its whole frame is consisted of a seat which is connected or attached to a base with the use of a double rocker linkage with four non-parallel bars. Additionally, it is the suspension arms of the linkage that allows the glider and ottoman combo to move in a rocking motion. The glider is able to swing back and forth simulating a rocking chair.

    Ottomans and gliders

    Both ottomans and gliders are pieces of furniture. While the glider enables the person to sit on it to move forward and backward, the ottoman is stationary. It is a kind of chair that is primarily consisted of a padded seat. It can also be a kind of elongated bench that has no arms or back. Often, ottomans are used as a stool or an elevated platform on which a weary person can place their feet as they are seated on a higher chair. In some houses, there are more ottomans than the traditional chairs, but the ottomans in this case are slightly larger than usual because they can also be used as coffee tables of a sort. They have, however, to be covered with stain prood material that can resist water and moisture like fake leather or leatherette. Ottomans can be purchased alongside gliders and armchairs.

    Ottomans in popular rhyme

    Ottomans are also known by other names. They are alternately called footstools. hassocks, tuffets or pouffe. So this means that in the nursey rhyme about Little Miss Muffet, she actually sat on an ottoman which went by the name in the rhyme as a tuffet.

    Hollow ottomans for storage

    An ottoman can also be used for storing things such as clothes, newspapers, books, toys, all depending on which part of the house it is placed. There’s a type of ottoman that has no insides. This ottoman type is hollow and it is the padded seat that functions as a cover. The bigger the ottoman, the bigger the storage space. As hiding spaces they are also effective because they are deceptive in appearance especially when they look very solid, sturdy and cannot be compromised.

    In the meantime, gliders and ottomans have proven very popular as furniture for nurseries. New mothers nursing their new babies find sitting on gliders very comfortable.

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